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We support you with professional advice and experience

ZiboCare Denmark has been a main supplier to the Danish care sector for several years. We offer professional advice and competent guidance in product selection, use and implementation.

We collaborate closely with relevant professionals in the councils who take care of elderly, handicapped and people with special needs. In the care sector, we provide education for professionals to secure, that everyone will feel confident using and working with our products.

We support our selected distributors abroad with education, product knowledge and invite our distributors to take advantage of our team of therapists, nurses, marketing material etc. This way you can gain a strong position on your market.
We develop distributor partnerships and business models, that are tailored to the individual markets and product areas.

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Creating value for people and businesses

At ZiboCare Denmark, we have several bottom lines.
We create value for patients and people with special needs.
We create value for the health sector through strong solutions.
We create value for your business as a distributor of ZiboCare Denmark.

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Professional product range

We develop and distribute sensory integration tools and pressure relief products for the entire health sector.

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