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Pressure relief
Pressure ulcers are a typical ailment among hospitalised patients, people living in nursing homes and people who are immobile for shorter or longer periods.
In Denmark, pressure ulcers are among the important focus areas in councils serving healthcare establishments, hospitals etc. The reason is, that pressure ulcers is a very painful condition for the patients, but it also leads to expensive costs for the healthcare sector.

ZiboCare Denmark has a wide variety of products – and offers advice, guidance and training in the use of our different aids.
We have carefully selected and developed our products according to innovation and the needs among our customers and end-users.

We offer pressure relief mattresses for all degrees of pressure ulcers, customised seat cushions for wheel chairs, a wide range of positioning products and shear-reducing slider sheets.

Sensory stimulation
Sensory Integration Therapy was developed by the American occupational therapist Jean Ayres, to strengthen the interaction between the sensory system and the brain.

Sensory stimulation is helping people with sensory integration disorders, for instance in rehabilitation or caused by ADHD, autism, stress, mental disorders, dementia and Alzheimers etc.

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